Mobile Mental Health Resource Clinic (MMHRC) is a free walk-in mental health clinic for high school youth and families in Eugene, Oregon.

The MMHRC is a school-based service provided through a community partnership between the Network Charter School (NCS), and the White Bird Clinic/CAHOOTS.  The service helps youth (and families) cope with mental health challenges and reach their full potential both personally and academically.

The MMHRC is available weekly at Network Charter School in the cottage from 1:30-3:30 on Wednesdays.


****NCS also works with an individual counselor:

Helene D. Krothe LMFT
1355 W. 13th Ave                                                      
Eugene, Oregon 97402
Phone 541-654-2441
Fax 541-636-3607

Dear Network Charter School Families,

Helene D. Krothe LMFT is a mental health counselor, working with Network Charter School students as a mental health therapist and occasional guest presenter in their classes. She sees teens, young adults, individuals, couples, and families. Her approach can be best summed by the Robert Frost quote, “Hope is not found in a way out, but in a way through.” Helene feels honored to walk alongside clients as they try to improve the quality of their lives, be successful adults, and appreciate the exciting time of adolescence.  She’s able to meet with students at the school and at her office on 13th and Polk.  She tries to match the students' schedules as best she’s able to help them miss less time in classes if they’re struggling academically. She provides counseling for a number of issues such as: anger, anxiety, difficulties with personal boundaries, bullying, social skills, self-esteem, depression, communication / conflict resolution, trauma, stress management, and  transition from youth into young adulthood.   

At this time, Helene is a preferred provider for Trillium  / Oregon Health Plan. She and Network Charter also work to support youth with private insurance or no active coverage.

“How do I get my child services?”

The process is rather simple. Here’s how to get started:

  • Please let Network know that you wish to have your child start services.  They can send over the completed intake form and the student’s schedule.

  • Then, contact Helene at 541-654-2441 or email her by going on her website There’s some brief intake paperwork, just like when you go in for a doctor’s appointment, and she will confirm your insurance coverage.  You can give this intake paperwork to the school or get it to Helene directly; either way is ok.

  • It is best for a caregiver to accompany a youth to that first assessment appointment, which can last up to 90 minutes.

  • If your child is under 14 years old and you aren’t able to be present for the first appointment, there are some forms which will be sent home with your child. These forms need to be completed and returned to Stephanie at the school before services can begin.