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Course Catalog

Spring 2018

Remember that your academic needs receive top priority in final schedule approval.  Course offerings, instructors, and credits may change or be cancelled without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.  We do not guarantee your first choices, but do our best to respect your preferences in scheduling.   Please note that some courses have fees. Your family is expected to pay fees before the term begins.   Please review your registration sheet so that you understand exactly what you are signing up for.  Credit distribution per class is subject to change and your schedule may be adjusted to better fit your graduation requirements at quarter split.   


Le Petit Gourmet Culinary Arts Program  - 2550 Portland Street

Culinary I, II & III                                          

In this course, the focus is on production. Students will learn how to work as a team to produce meals with multiple courses and ready to serve at the same time.  Students will also plan and produce all holiday feast meals and any other special events.  They will be expected to learn how to copy recipes and use simple math to convert recipe yields.  Students will also be spending time in the garden to learn how to produce food.  (This class has a $50 fee.)

Credit(s): 1.0 Elective per semester for MWF classes and 0.8 Elective for T/TH classes (16098 Restaurant, Food, and Beverage Services—Workplace Experience) per semester --Times/location offered: MWF AM or T/TH AM (Main site)

Americana II

This course offers an assessment of American history beginning with the Cold War. Students will learn to look at history through critical evaluation of the political philosophy, literature, primary and secondary accounts that surround historical individuals and events.   Eventually, mastery of the course will allow for a greater understanding of the ideas and events that shaped the nation we occupy today.

Credit(s): 0.5 Social Studies per semester (#04103 Modern U.S. History) --Time/location offered: MWF PM 2 (Main site)

The Sickest History Class Ever

Students will study history through the spread and eradication of deadly diseases. This class will combine with Denise’s “We’re All Going to Die” health class to understand the underlying causes of deadly diseases and their gruesome effects on the human body.  Additionally, we will examine how the diseases shaped history, and the innovations in the field of medicine that countered plagues and pestilence.  

Credits: 0.4 Social Studies (#04065) per semester --Time/location offered: T/TH AM 1 or T/TH AM 2 (Main Site)

Mind Reading for Beginners

This course introduces the topic of psychology to students.  We will examine and discuss the essential principles of this often controversial field of science. By tracing historical developments and trends, the class will be able to critically analyze schools of thought and interpretations of modern psychology. Through studying human behavior, students will gain insights into the inner workings of the mind.

Credit(s): 0.5 Social Studies (#04254 Psychology) per semester --Time/location offered: MWF AM 1 (Main Site)

Myths and Legends II

This course offers a literary journey into a variety of cultures around the world through their legends and myths. The myths we read and interpret will range from the creation myths from the ancient cultures of the China, India, and Mayans to the Tolkien and Star Wars canons.  From the texts and films we will extract knowledge about the nature of human experience through literary themes and archetypes. Students will connect shared myths and ancient epics that encompass and define much of the religion, values, and traditions that shape the ancient and the modern world.

Credit(s): 0.5 Language Arts (#01065) per semester --Time/location offered: MWF PM 1 (Main Site)

Spanish I, II & III (multi-level)

In this course, you will learn how to read, write, speak, and listen in Spanish. Activities will include lectures, written exercises, films, games, conversations, and field trips designed to promote learning at every level of proficiency. Credit by level will be awarded according to the results of individual assessments at the end of each quarter.

Credit(s):  0.8 World Language (Spanish #06101) per semester --Time/location offered: T/TH AM (Main Site)

A Stitch in Time

Explore the ancient world and pre-20th century Europe through the lens of fashion history. We will study fabrics, garment construction, ornamentation, aesthetics, and beliefs surrounding clothing and accessories through the course of time. Activities will include lectures, reading, written exercises, films, and some hands-on demonstrations.

Credit(s):  0.4 Social Studies (Particular Topics in World History #04065) per semester --Time/location offered: T/TH PM 1 or T/TH PM 2 (Main Site)

The World of Music

Grow your musical skill set (whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician) by playing music in a group setting.  Learn some basic theory on the ukulele.  Explore musical genres, music history, and song composition.  Work with sound recording equipment to build soundscapes and podcasts.

Credit(s): 0.8 Elective (05139 Music) per semester --Time/location offered: T/TH PM (Main site, The Cottage)

GED Prep

This class is designed to help students study and prepare to take the GED test.

Time/location offered: MWF AM 2 (Main Site)

Exploratory Algebra

Students will develop an introductory understanding of Algebra 1 level mathematical concepts and their practical application. They will learn about functions and graphs, linear equations, powers and roots, and simplifying and solving exponential expressions.

Credit(s): 0.5 (MWF) or 0.4 (T/TH) Mathematics (#02053 Algebra) --Time/location offered: MWF AM 1 or T/TH PM 2 (Main site)

Algebra 1.5          

In Algebra 1.5, students will develop a better understanding of advanced Algebra 1 level mathematical concepts and their practical application. They will learn about systems of equations, sequences, modeling two-variable data, and quadratic and exponential functions. When they complete this course, students will be able to:

Credit(s): 0.5 Mathematics per semester (#02054) Algebra I part 2 --Time/location offered: MWF AM 2 (Main site)


This is the standard high school Geometry course. We will cover advanced topics in both Euclidean and analytic geometry, as well as give an introduction to formal logic and proofs. Topics are chosen to help students meet Oregon's educational standards but with a focus on revealing the connections between geometric and algebraic reasoning.

Credit(s): 0.5 Mathematics (#02072 Geometry) --Time/location offered: MWF PM 1 or MWF PM 2 (Main site)

General Science

This course will study topics in physics, chemistry, engineering, and technology. The focus will be on the historical development of the scientific method and its contributions to technological development. The goal is to explore the philosophy of science and understand how scientific inquiry has shaped human culture.

Credit(s): 0.4 science (#03202) Unified Science --Time/location offered: T/TH PM 1 (Main site)

M.E.C.C.A.: Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts  -  449 Willamette Street


Arising simultaneously from the ashes of despair in culturally isolated regions, the fine art of woodcut printmaking is historically tied to eras of human enlightenment in both eastern and western civilizations. Yes…one might say that woodcut saved the world from eternal darkness. Come learn the history and process, including carving and printing techniques, color reduction, and multiple block registration using a professional grade printing press.

Credit(s): 1.0 Printmaking (+05161) per semester --Time/location offered: MWF AM (MECCA)


Play with mud and get credit for it. Eat off the ground without getting sick. We will create sculptures, murals, and functional utensils in a collaborative effort to transform that which is gross and boring (the ground) into masterworks of modern art!

Credit(s) .8 Creative Art Sculpture (+05158) per semester --Time offered:  T/TH PM (MECCA)

Chemistry II                                     

This academically challenging course explores the nature and interactions of matter. The periodic table of elements will be the basis for our study of atomic, molecular, and ionic interactions. Topics of study include states of

matter, behavior of gases, subatomic particles, electron configurations, chemical formulas and equations, electronegativity, types of bonds, chemical quantities (stoichiometry), acids and bases, oxidation and reduction reactions, and, if time permits, we will tackle organic, nuclear, and electrochemistry. We will perform 4 lab experiments.

Credit(s): 0.8 Chemistry (#03101) per semester --Time/location offered: T/TH AM (MECCA)

Sacred Geometry                                     

Unlock the secrets of the universe with the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio, build fractals and tessellations like M.C. Escher, and render scenes in 1, 2 and 3 point perspective!  This class will introduce you to graphic tools and techniques with fully integrated projects.

Credit(s): 0.5 Informal Geometry (#02071), 0.5 Graphic Design (+05162) per semester --Time offered:  MWF PM (MECCA)

Nearby Nature    -  Class locations vary. See course description.

Gentle Algebra

Decimals and fractions and percents, oh my! Gentle Algebra is a course between arithmetic and algebra. Pre-algebraic and algebraic concepts come in handy even in real life. They help you calculate bills, order food, and complete other routine tasks. Some of the topics we will cover are integers, the distributive property, solving equations, writing equations, powers, and exponents. This is a one-year course, but students may enter mid-year.

Credit(s): 0.5 Electives (#02051) per semester --Times offered: MWF PM 1 (Main Site)

Independent Living

The big world beyond school awaits, and one day you’ll need to manage your own affairs. Learn how to make it on your own. In this course, you’ll take on topics like applying for a job, interviewing effectively, finding a place to live, managing a bank account, shopping for a loan or mortgage, and how to create a budget. Students will conduct in-depth career research as part of new diploma requirements. This course will entail applying detailed written and communication skills and engaging in a 40-hour internship in a field of career interest. Students must pass this class in order to graduate.

Credit(s): 0.5 Career (#22151) per semester --Time/location offered: MWF PM 2 (Main site)

Event Planning  

Help plan the events at Network Charter School. In this class you will learn the stages of event planning. After taking this course, you will gather the skills needed to plan and execute an event. Be prepared to be creative with a hands-on class.  

Credit(s): 0.4 Elective per semester (99821 Electives – Miscellaneous) --Time Offered: T/TH PM 2 (Main site)

National Parks

The National Park Service has been called "America's greatest university without walls." It includes many of the world's most magnificent landscapes, a rich diversity of plant and animal life, some of the finest examples of American culture, and historic objects and places that reflect important events in American history. Speak with a park ranger and use Google Earth to virtually explore the parks.

Credit(s): 0.4 Social Studies (04002) per semester --Times offered: T/TH PM 1 (Portland Street)

We’re All Going to Die

In conjunction with “The Sickest History Course Ever,” this class is designed to provide an opportunity to investigate the human body, its structure and function, and how it reacts to different diseases. We will also cover drugs, alcohol, and nutrition. This course will involve laboratory activities, projects, a field trip to the cadaver lab, textbook material, models, diagrams, and journal writings.  This course is not for the squeamish!

Credit(s): 0.4 Health (+08051 Health Education) per semester --Time/location offered: T/TH AM 1 or T/TH AM 2 (Main site)


This class will teach you how to catch, prepare, and consume local hatchery trout.  Beginning students will learn with bait rods and advanced students will have the option to learn the art of fly fishing.  We will study native fish, local aquatic insects, fly tying, fishing literature, and film.  Students will also understand and demonstrate what it means to be an "ethical fisherman.”  Expect many mornings spent along the Willamette River, rain or shine.
Credit(s): 0.4 Elective (+18306) Aquaculture, 0.4 Physical Education (08001) per semester

Time offered:  T/TH AM (Alton Baker Park/Yurt)

Urban Ecology      

Take a whole systems approach to life and help create a healthier way of living in Lane County.  As a student of "urban ecology," you will work side by side with Walama Restoration Project, Nearby Nature, University of Oregon, and Food For Lane County's Grassroots Garden.  Through these unique experiences, you will play a major role in the future of our community.  The coursework will consist of lecture, discussions, journal entries, community presenters, films, and hands-on projects.  This class is for motivated students who are interested in exploring and restoring the ecology of our urban setting.

Credit(s): 0.2 Health (+08053 Community Health), 0.2 Elective (72105 Values Clarification) and .4 PE (08001 Physical Education) per semester. --Time/location offered: T/TH PM (Tuesdays meet downtown and Thursdays meet at Alton Baker Park at the Yurt)

Ultimate Frisbee              

This course will focus on the game of Ultimate Frisbee.  Students will be able to create and enhance their disc skills on the field.  Skills include structure of the game, rules, throwing and catching disc, and catching on the run.  Students will also learn team sportsmanship and leadership skills.  This is a very physically demanding class.  We will be running games the majority of the class.  Rain or shine, so please dress appropriately.

Credit(s): 0.5 Physical Education (08002 Team Sports) per semester --Time/location offered: MWF PM 2 (Main Site)

Urban Hiking           

Explore beautiful and scenic Eugene.  This course will consist of hiking to Eugene’s green spaces. Students are encouraged to use their phones and/or cameras to take photos of our explorations.  This course is a very healthy and relaxed way to earn P.E. credit.  We will be hiking in all weather conditions: students are required to be dressed with proper clothing and footwear.

Credit(s): 0.5 PE (08001) Physical Education per semester --Time/location offered: MWF PM 1 (Main Site)

Botany Basics

Bryophytes, epiphytes and angiosperms, huh?  Learn what they are and their amazing lives from seed-to-seed.  Students will also connect with native and food plants through gardening and native plant restoration work.

Credit(s): 1.0 Science (+03058 Botany) --Time/location offered: MWF AM (Alton Baker Park/the Yurt)

Elemental Earth II

In this course students will study Earth Science through playing with water, earth, fire, and air.  This project-based class will explore how the universe works, and hopefully inspire more questions than it answers. The spring semester will focus on water and air, studying hydrology and meteorology along with air and water quality. *This class will complement Calculating the Future, but is not entirely tied to it.

Credit(s): 0.4 Science (#03001 Earth Science) --Time/location offered: T/TH PM 1 or T/TH PM 2 (Main Site)

Calculating the Future II

In Calculating the Future, students will increase their understanding and awareness of ecological global issues through activity- based lessons and action projects. This course will be an interdisciplinary exploration of environmental issues and challenges faced by human societies in the 21st century. The primary objective of this course is to provide you with a systems-oriented perspective on the key areas of environmental studies. Specifically, I would like you to leave this course with: 1) an understanding of the role of humans in the ongoing changes to the biosphere and the cultural, political and economic causes; and 2) an ability to understand and evaluate environmental issues from multiple perspectives. This course will focus on critically examining the social, cultural, political, and ethical issues related to the environment.

*This class will complement Elemental Earth, but is not entirely tied to it.

Credit(s): 0.4 Social Studies (#04299 Social Science) --Time/location offered: T/TH PM 1 or T/TH PM 2 (Main Site)

Algebra I             

In Algebra I, students will develop an introductory understanding of Algebra 1 level mathematical concepts and their practical application. They will learn about functions and graphs, linear equations, powers and roots, and simplifying and solving exponential expressions. When they complete this course, students will be able to:

Credit(s): 0.5 Mathematics credits per semester (#02053) Algebra I --Time/location offered: MWF AM 1, MWF PM 1, or MWF PM 2 (Main Site)

 Sociology of Social Change

You will be introduced to the field of Sociology, the scientific study of society through the observance of human behavior, specifically the observance of humans in groups or social relationships. The main objective of this class is to challenge you to start observing our society in a more critical manner. A main premise of Sociology is that since people create society, we the people can understand it and can ultimately change it.

Credit(s): 0.5 Social Studies (#04258 Sociology) --Time/location offered: MWF AM 2 (Main Site)

HeartWise Community    -   1840 Willamette St.

Storytelling Laboratory! A Dynamic Investigation into the Living Narrative   

This course is an inquiry into of many aspects of storytelling: what makes a story a story, how stories are passed on, how we are wired to receive story. Class will include written, oral, visual, movement, an inquiry into history of the self & more. Through creative writing practice, literature analysis, community service, theater play and discussion-- students will begin to investigate and rewrite their own stories. We will use the tools of meditation & yoga to delve deeper inside of the personal narrative. Students will have the opportunity to hold space for each other as they learn to express and listen effectively to themselves, each other, and the world.

Credit(s): 0.6 Language Arts and 0.2 P.E. per semester (#01104 Creative Writing & #08001 Physical Education) --Time/location offered: T/TH AM (HeartWise)

Poem(ing) Out Loud: An Experiment of the Living Poem

This course is a writing & performance laboratory where students will learn to create and express through movement, voice, and experimentation. We will focus on the process and elements involved in bringing a poem to life!  Elements of slam poetry, theater play, poem submission (publication), memorization, and collaboration are amongst the variety of tools we'll explore. Through close readings, analysis, and attention to various poetic forms, students will cultivate strategies to communicate their most authentic voice. Yoga and meditation practices will weave into our poem experience as we build a safe space to listen, share, and generate meaningful work. Poem, play & perform – our mantra!

Credit(s): 0.4 Language Arts, 0.2 Drama, and 0.2 P.E. per semester (#01009 Language Arts, #05055 Drama, #08001 Physical Education) --Time/location offered: T/TH PM (Tsunami Books/Eugene Yoga)

Ancient Paths to Joy and Wonder                                             

We define wisdom as the natural flow of innate intelligence and well-being within all human beings. This understanding of wisdom is at the core of ancient and contemporary philosophical, spiritual, and psychological teachings. Join Obsidian White at HeartWise to study, reflect, and practice 2000-year-old advice from masters who inspire us to surface our innate wisdom and to live a joyful, thoughtful life in balance.  

Credit(s): 0.5 Language Arts (01053/01103) and 0.5 P.E. (08016)  --Time/location offered: MWF AM (HeartWise)

Kindness Boomerang                                           

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.” Kerrey

Every act of Kindness matters. Every smile, every kind word, and every nice thing you do for another human, for yourself, or for the planet, changes the world. Kindness Boomerang is a call to action!  Because you are important, everything you do is important. Our project will activate kindness, inclusion and empathy into our community, our practice will cultivate self-compassion, thoughtfulness and optimism in each of us. What goes around comes around…

Credit(s): 0.5 Language Arts (01053/01103) and 0.5 P.E. (08016)  --Time/location offered: MWF PM (HeartWise)

Performance Studio: The Real Life Woes of an Everyday Hero!                                          

A Musical Theatre Experience “for the Curious,” preparing for a fully-staged musical production about you! The course includes an introduction to acting, creative and improvisational performance and scene work, with units in vocal and physical characterization as well as stage composition. In addition, students will study the art of musical theatre through contemporary issues from their own lives. The course will culminate in the development and production of a musical theater performance, venue TBA.

Being a SINGER is not a prerequisite!

Credit(s): 1.0 Language Arts (01151) or 0.5 Language Arts and 0.5 Elective (05058)  --Time/location offered: T/TH PM (HeartWise)