Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts (MECCA): 

MECCA is a nonprofit organization in Eugene, Oregon. MECCA is dedicated to diverting materials out of the waste stream and into the Eugene community's creative endeavors, teaching others how to make art with them. Their office, studio, and resource center are located at 449 Willamette, and they are committed to providing access to low-cost arts education and materials to the public.

MECCA also offers a store that acts as a clearing house for scraps and discards that can be reused creatively. Local businesses, artists, and individuals donate materials they no longer need, and MECCA sorts, processes, and organizes them before selling them at a very low price. All proceeds support MECCA's mission of diverting waste from the landfill and bringing them into Eugene's creative endeavors.

MECCA's NCS instructor, Perry Joseph, is licensed to teach art, science, and math. He is also a talented professional printmaker whose art is exhibited in public and private settings in the Northwest.

More information on MECCA and its work in the Eugene community and with NCS can be found at: