September 16, 2019

1. Network still has spaces for high school students. Let friends who would be a good fit here know that this is a great time to enroll.

2. This Friday, September 20, there is a worldwide rally in support of action on climate change. Network teachers have collectively decided to offer all high school students the opportunity to participate. High school students will have classes as usual in the morning and then meet at noon in front of the Saturday Market water fountain to take attendance. A couple of teachers will stay at Network for those students who prefer to remain at school and work. Middle school students have class as usual. Students will be excused at 3:30 pm from downtown

3. Please remember to bus all dishes after eating a meal at main site. We would also like to remind students to serve themselves only the amount of food they will eat (to minimize food waste). Also, to make sure that everyone gets a chance to eat, please ask if seconds are available before taking them. Thank you!

4. Clubs this week

Tuesdays at lunch time: GSA meets in Room 9 ¾. 

Tuesdays after school: Magic is after school in Wendy’s room. Also, Tim J is potentially interested in running some RPG One Shots in various settings.  This is a great opportunity for folks to give pencil and paper role-playing games a try. Talk to Tim J or Wendy interested.  

No Smash Bros this week.

Wednesdays: Starting NEXT WEEK, Student Council will meet after school on Wednesdays, our early release day.

Thursdays after school: There may be a D&D 3.5 campaign starting up, if there is interest. For the uninitiated, 3.5 is more technical/complex, which is more fun for some players. Talk to Matthew O or Wendy if you are curious.

5. CAHOOTS is at Network on Wednesdays from 12:30 to 2:30 pm and on Thursdays from 8:20 to 10:20 am. See Jon to sign up.

6. Upcoming events: Middle school students will take the Easy CBM test next week. Please see Denise or Caitlyn with questions.

7. Planner task: Find the Personal Attendance Record and fill in the days/classes you have attended so far, and the days/classes you have missed.

8. This week’s end of day cleaners: Billy (MWF) and Mari (TTH). 

Have a grand week everyone!

September 9, 2019

1. Welcome all to the first full week of school!

2. Open House is this Wednesday, September 11 from 5-7 pm. Please bring a parent, guardian, or any loved one to meet your teachers, see your classrooms, and eat yummy balsamic caviar with tomato and mozzarella!

3. Clubs this year


The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) will be meeting every Tuesday during lunch in Room 9 ¾ with Denise and Jon. Don’t miss the Gayly news, discussions, event planning and more.

Magic The Gathering players can converge on The Dungeon from 3:45-5:25.  Bring your own decks and openness to casual competitive play. Or if you have always wanted to learn, club members will help you get started.  We have an immense collection of cards to build starter decks from.  Join us, the more the merrier! Talk to Wendy or Julian KP for more details.

Join us for Video Game club every other Tuesday (starting Sept. 10) in the Theater Room. Come play your favorite games on a projector. We usually play Smash Bros, but feel free to bring your own games and consoles if you want! Even if you don't want to play a game, you can come and hang out. Talk to Julian Kent-Petit (club president) or John Bedan (teacher sponsor) if you need more information.


RPG Afternoons! Critical Fail (5e D&D) and another fantabulous homebrew group play after school from 3:45-5:25, but they are currently full.  If you are a DM/GM for any RPG system and/or are looking for others to play with, network with us and let's see if we can connect you all.  Wendy will provide space and snacks for another gamer group to hang out after school.  Contact her for more info.

Students with an idea for a club should ask a teacher to sponsor it (the teacher lets the club use their room and stays after school to supervise).

4. Mental Health support at Network

This year, CAHOOTS is at Network on Wednesdays from 12:30 to 2:30 pm and Thursday mornings from 8:20 to 10:20 am. Students and families will have access to the MMHRC (Mobile Mental Health Resource Center) which provides FREE One-On-One, drop-in and confidential support for counseling, medical evaluation and social service referrals. This service is FREE for all students and families, regardless of the severity or category of need. No insurance needed or required. Students and community members struggling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, domestic trauma, homelessness, or lack of access to other basic resources are encouraged to seek out these services for support. Support from the MMHRC includes medical evaluations and wound care on site by EMTs, social service referrals including information in local counseling agencies for youth and families, and assistance with connecting to advocates for applying for Oregon Health Plan. See Jon to sign up.

Helene Krothe, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist has worked with teens and young adults in Eugene for over 12 years. She will be at Network on main site Tuesday and Wednesday mornings to meet with students and/or their families. Helene can help students who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, down, irritable, or frustrated in friendships and relationships. If interested in seeing Helene, please complete intake forms, which are available from Jon at the front desk. Students under 14 need a parent/guardian to sign paperwork as well.  Feel free to call or email Helene with any questions (Jon has her contact information). 

Jayson Peterson is an individual, couples and family therapist who works primarily with youth. He is obsessed with smushy faced dogs and steampunk. Jayson welcomes clients to bring friends to session as well to help with anxiety or to work out any issues in the friendship. He specializes in working with trans and gender diverse youth but also works with all other community members. He is excited to meet Network's students. He will make announcements if he starts a support group in the future. He will be working with students on Fridays between 10 am and 12 pm and 2 pm and 4 pm. Feel free to contact Jayson by calling or texting him @541-513-5391 or emailing him at to come in and meet him! Or let Jon help connect you with Jayson. Jayson understands it can be hard to reach out, but he hopes that students will! Jayson is open to meeting casually first and just chatting so students can decide if they would like to see him regularly.

5. Planner task: write in Cahoots days and time for this week.

6. This week’s end of day cleaners: Carly (MWF) and Wendy (TTH).

Have an awesome week everyone!!