The enrollment process begins with scheduling a tour of the school. We typically offer school tours on Tuesdays at 10:00 am or Thursdays at 1:00 pm, although we are happy to make accommodations for any potential students and their families to visit our main campus. We offer enrollment packets at the close of the tours. After gathering the required materials, we will schedule an enrollment meeting to enroll the student, provided there are spaces for new students at that time.

At enrollment, our first concern is to provide each student with the educational experience that will be most personally rewarding, while at the same time meeting state middle and high school standards. During the enrollment meeting, we will build a student education profile that will assist in creating a school experience that matches the needs of the student. During this meeting we will also collect fees and take the student's picture for a student ID.

We fundraise to fill in the gaps between what we receive from public funding and parent contributions, on the one hand, and what it costs to provide a comprehensive, responsive educational program, on the other.

Fees have become a routine fact of life in public schools, and NCS is no exception. At registration, we ask families to contribute up to $80 for enrollment fees. Note that every student admitted to NCS is enrolled in courses regardless of ability to pay, but we urge all families to pay what they can, sharing the burden of expenses. We do not issue a "must have" school-wide supply list; instead we collect a store of paper, pencils, and other learning tools at the beginning of the year, and then then distribute materials to students as needed. Courses with special fees have unusual material needs. For example, in the culinary classes, students learn to cook many different meals, which they then eat. Note that culinary students cook (and eat) breakfast and lunch for the whole school every day; but they also cook special foods that are part of their curriculum, not the meals program, and their fees pay for these special foods. In the fishing course, students' fees pay for licenses.

Because teaching sustainable life choices is part of the mission of Network Charter School, we encourage all students to travel by foot, bike, or LTD bus. We provide bus passes to all students through a special arrangement with LTD. The cost is $60 for the 2018-2019 school year.

If you are interested in enrolling at NCS, you can contact the office to schedule a tour by calling (541) 344-1229 or emailing