NCS students are expected to attend class every day. Students who do not attend for 10 consecutive days will be dropped from the rosters, as required by state law.  

The education we provide is hands-on and not easily duplicated, so we urge students to attend regularly and to be on time.  Please avoid scheduling medical/dental appointments during school hours.  Students with good attendance are eligible for weekly and monthly drawings for attendance incentives!  Please refer to the Student Handbook for details about our attendance policy.

Please note: students who are 10-day dropped due to truancy (not for medical or emergency reasons) will be reconsidered for re-enrollment only one more time in the same academic year. If that student gets a second 10-day drop for truancy reasons, the student will not be re-enrolled at Network for the remainder of the academic year and will only be considered for re-enrollment the following academic year.

Please feel free to contact us regarding and questions or concerns you may have regarding your student(s), at any time.