Our Administrative Team

Dustin Crawford — Student Services Administrator: dustin@networkcharterschool.net

Rebecca Daniels — Executive Director: rebecca@networkcharterschool.net

Jon Kuhns-Obana — Office Manager: jon@networkcharterschool.net

Melissa Palma — Principal: melissa@networkcharterschool.net

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Dustin Crawford — Student Services Administrator

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Dustin's career began as a substitute teacher in an inner-city school in Southern California. Since then, he has taught English as a foreign language at universities in China, Japan, and at our very own University of Oregon. In addition to teaching, Dustin served as an international student advisor at the University of Oregon where he had the privilege to work with individuals from more than 30 nations. He has recently changed careers in order to support high school students in finding academic success and feels privileged and humbled to be working with our students at Network Charter School!

Dustin has many interests and hobbies including cooking, playing music, practicing martial arts, camping, hiking, and fishing.

Rebecca Daniels — Executive Director


Rebecca has worked in nonprofit management for more than 20 years, and at NCS for more than a decade. She is the mother of 4 children, three who are in their twenties and one who is a high school junior. She loves running, hiking, swimming in rivers, baking cakes, playing the piano, and writing non-fiction and poetry. NCS is a wonderful community and Rebecca is happy to be here.


Jon Kuhns-Obana

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Melissa Palma — Principal

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Melissa, a Michigan native, has been an educator for 20 years, working in the Detroit Public Schools and at the University of Michigan, and with kindergarten to college students and every age in between. She has founded two schools, one in Michigan, now in its tenth year, and one in Eugene that is in its fourth year. Melissa’s passion and expertise is in alternative education and equity issues and she is thrilled to work at Network Charter School.

Melissa has two children, two cats and three fish and in her free time, Melissa likes to travel with her family, make pottery, bike, and read.